Polished Diamond


As an Authorized Dealer (AWDC), DLS Diamonds offers you the best quality polished diamonds, at a very attractive price.  We can offer you both the natural and synthetic (Lab Grown - also called Lab Created) diamonds. As a jeweler, it is almost impossible to distinguish the Lab Grown diamond from the natural diamond.  DLS Diamonds uses specialized equipment to determine this distinction.  Also, both natural and synthetic diamonds come with a certificate (GIA, HRD and IGI certificate).  So we guarantee you 100% certainty with your purchase!

Why a natural diamond?

  • A natural diamond is millions of years old.

  • These are found in nature.

  • Some natural diamonds contain natural inclusions.

  • Natural diamonds are scarcer and therefore more precious.

Watch this informative video on the natural and synthetic diamond.

Why a Lab Grown diamond?

  • Natural diamonds will become extinct, mines are closing, and the stones eventually run out. Lab Grown Diamond is completely ecologically sound (unlike natural diamonds).

  • 100% traceable and assurance that they are not blood diamonds.

  • Faster creation process than natural diamond.

  • Does not contain nitrogen.

  • A Lab Grown Diamond is cheaper.